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The Big Shrink – How to navigate High Yield markets?

Charudatta Shende, Nicolas Jullien, Fixed Income, Research Paper
High yield markets are shrinking. Do you know that they have contracted by 25% over the past two years? The ICE BofA BB-B Global High Yield Index has lost $654 million in value. In the meanwhile, investor demand for credit and high yield has rebounded at the end of last year.
  • Asset Allocation, Macro, Equities, Fixed Income, Nicolas Forest, Nadège Dufossé, Emile Gagna

    Update on Middle East Tensions

    On April 13, Iran decided to strike Israel with 300 drones and missiles following an attack on its diplomatic compound in Syria. Regional escalation and oil price are at risk. This tail risk cannot be ignored. We are closely monitoring the unfolding situation.
  • ESG, SRI, David Czupryna, Circular Economy

    Beyond Fossil Fuels: Why Green Investments Are Still the Future

    After a challenging period for green investing, marked by rising interest rates, supply chain issues, and overcapacity, companies committed to building a sustainable world could remain an attractive long-term option for investors seeking both financial returns and positive impact.
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    Green shoots this Spring

    In our opinion, it is time to add cyclicity to the portfolio to benefit from an improving environment.
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    Investor interest is returning

    Global stock markets ended Q1 at an all-time high, fuelled by continued investor optimism. The resilience of the global economy, particularly in the US, has pleasantly surprised many.
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    Strong alpha generation across alternative strategies

    Markets held up well during March, supported by robust economic indicators coming from the US, manufacturing and services PMIs improving in China and an increasingly dovish stance from the ECB.

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