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Philippe Noyard

Global Head of Fixed Income, Member of the Executive Committee

Philippe Noyard is Global Head of Fixed Income at Candriam. He is also a member of our Credit Risk Committee. He joined Candriam in 1989 and has over 35 years of experience in the bond and credit markets. Previously, he was a portfolio manager at Neuflize Schlumberger Mallet in France. 

He holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance, and received the Specialized Master in Finance and Wealth Management from the University of Economy in Clermont-Ferrand, France. 

Philippe Noyard

Outlook 2023, Philippe Noyard

The interest rate fugue: bond yields are back, but is anything the same?

Bond yields are back, but with a difference. In a fugue, the theme repeats itself. If rising rates are a theme markets have seen before, this time the rising tempo of that theme may completely change the sound. Listen carefully, selectivity will be everything.      
Q&A, Philippe Noyard

High Yield keeps its credit

The High Yield corporate bond segment is an asset class in its own right that offers many opportunities. Thomas Joret, Senior High Yield Fund Manager, Jean-Claude Tamvakis, Senior Fund Manager, Senior Credit Analyst High Yield, and Nicolas Jullien, CFA, Head of High Yield & Credit Arbitrage, explain how their approach seeks to optimise the potential of credit markets to generate performance.

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