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Johan Van der Biest

Co-Head of Thematic Global Equity

Johan Van der Biest has been Co-Head of Thematic Global Equity since 2023 and Deputy Head since 2020, where he is closely involved in the launch of all new thematic strategies. In his continuing role as a lead portfolio manager on several strategies, he has been managing technology portfolios at Candriam and our predecessor companies since 1992, including robotics, metaverse, and other innovative technologies. In addition to his long expertise in technology investing, he brings a breadth of financial markets understanding to his portfolios. Over the years, Johan has managed or co-managed numerous processes, including equity, bond, and global balanced portfolios.  

Johan holds a degree in Commercial Engineering and a specialisation in Finance from the Catholic University of Louvain (KUL). 

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Cleaner, safer, smarter

More and more investors are turning to thematic strategies to increase their overall diversification. Johan Van Der Biest, Co-Head of Thematic Global Equity, and Allan Foll, Fund Manager, explain that thematic investment skills combined with solid financial analysis is a prerequisite for identifying high-tech companies with strong growth potential at reasonable prices.
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Sci-fi becomes a reality

Johan Van Der Biest, Senior Fund Manager, and Felix Demaeght, CFA, Co-Fund Manager, explain the metaverse and how they identify companies associated with it.
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Planet Metaverse: Searching for a place to land?

The Metaverse. The substitution of reality with the imagined – transporting the participant literally into a whole new world – will become possible for all kinds of products and services.
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Robotics: No longer Sci-Fi

Johan Van Der Biest, Co-Head of Thematic Global Equity, Felix Demaeght, CFA, Co-Portfolio Manager, and Nathaniel Wejchert, Portfolio Manager, explain how thematic investment skills combined with solid financial analysis can identify cutting-edge technologies at reasonable prices.

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