A multi-specialist platform 

Our real asset expertise relies on four essential pillars:

  • A multi-specialist model, leveraging both internal teams and long-term partnerships with affiliated boutiques
  • Industry-leading ESG capabilities, with ESG integration and impact strategies
  • Investment professionals with broad expertise and skillsets
  • A mid-market focus, favouring investments in a broad and underserved market segment

Candriam has been appointed by the relevant boutiques to distribute products and strategies, in those jurisdictions where it is legally and regulatory permitted.


Partnership expertise – Private Debt by Kartesia

Demand for Private Debt has soared in the last 10 years. As European banks deleverage due to tighter regulatory requirements under Basel III standards, the capital available from traditional credit investors for small and mid-market companies is diminishing. With most direct lending capital being raised by mid-market firms, we believe that the lower end of the market has been left underserved, resulting in a structural opportunity that our partner can seek to exploit.

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Partnership expertise – Real Estate by Tristan

Real estate has become an essential component of institutional and private investors’ portfolios. Tristan Capital Partners is a specialist real estate investment management, backed by some of the most prestigious and sophisticated institutional investors in the world.

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Impact Private Equity 

Impact investing has a dual goal: generate a positive and measurable social and/or environmental impact, alongside a financial return. We invest in private equity funds whose managers share our values or in financial institutions which are aligned with our goals. Our task is important: finance projects which will positively contribute to a sustainable future. Therefore all stakeholders are aligned on common principles, and it is our duty to ensure both full transparency and outstanding integrity while selecting and allocating investments.

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Latest analyses

  • Fabrice Sauzeau, Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Private Debt, Research Paper, Real Estate

    Real Estate Private Debt: Time to Act?

    Has commercial real estate reached its inflection point? With little transaction activity, price and index data are generated with a lag. Market prices can change much more rapidly than they can be aggregated and reported. Investors must rely on fundamental analysis and experience more than data to time the recovery.

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