On the Green Brick Road to Net Zero

Climate Strategy 

Candriam: fifteen years of commitment to the fight against climate change

The latest IPCC Assessment Report[1] issued a clear code red for humanity. Containing the rise of global temperature to +1.5 °C requires drastic and systemic changes in our economies, and every year counts.

For over fifteen years, Candriam has integrated climate change mitigation and adaptation in its ESG analysis. In 2018 we decided to exclude companies with over 10% coal exposure from our investments company-wide. In 2020, we set climate objectives for our SRI strategies[2] with a 30% reduction target of carbon footprints compared to their benchmarks. Our climate approach was commended by the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) who named us “industry leader” on climate reporting in 2020 [3].


2021: a change of gear with a firm commitment to net zero

2021 was a landmark year for our climate strategy as we committed to becoming net zero by 2050, with ambitious 2030 targets, taking our contribution to the fight against climate change to another level. We joined the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative (NZAMI)[4], where a total of 301 asset managers have committed to support the goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Alix Chosson
our lead climate analyst, explains in this video why and how we are making these commitments
We will continue to fight for climate, because it is our responsibility as a global investor, and because we believe it is the best way to protect our clients’ investments in the long run.

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