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Malgorzata Kluba, Rudi Van Den Eynde, Oncology, Renta variable

Día Mundial del Cáncer 2023

Y preferiríamos no tener que celebrarlo, lo que significaría que hemos ganado la batalla y que el cáncer es curable.

    Manténgase al tanto sobre el reglamento SFDR

    La Unión Europea introdujo el Reglamento sobre la divulgación de información relativa a la sostenibilidad en el sector de los servicios financieros (SFDR), que conforman obligaciones en materia de presentación de información ESG, para mejorar la transparencia en el mercado en aras de una inversión sostenible.
  • Renta variable, Geoffroy Goenen, Value vs Growth

    The second step of the waltz

    A pesar de un repunte bastante significativo a partir de octubre, los mercados europeos de renta variable, afectados por importantes salidas de capitales desde el inicio de la crisis en Ucrania, registraron una corrección en 2022 del -9,5 %. Si bien la renta variable europea cerró el año con unos resultados relativamente superiores a los de Estados Unidos (-13,4 %) y los mercados emergentes (-15,1 %)1, el año siguió siendo motivo de preocupación para los inversores, que ahora se centran en lo que depara 2023.
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Wim Van Hyfte, Climate Action, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Greenflation: a fair cost or an obstacle?

The rise of inflation has brought up once again the question of costs and benefits relating to addressing climate change
Climate Action, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Can we make the last call for Net Zero?

We are at a tipping point not only in terms of credibility but also reversibility of the impact we made on our planet, its climate and its atmosphere
Climate Action, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Climate in Corporate Credit: where do we go from here?

Bondholders are the suppliers of new capital for investment and growth. Shareholders can vote, but the supply of retained earnings or new equity issuances is small in comparison with debt funding. Investors must behave Responsibly in their capital allocation. And we, at Candriam, have the Conviction that including Climate in the decision improves risk-adjusted returns. 
Kroum Sourov, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Sovereign Analysis: how did we survive this long?

Humans are not the apex predator, although we act that way. Nature may fight back and demonstrate how weak we really are. Our Sovereign Sustainability model,  designed for investment analysis, also offers holistic insights as well as numerical. Perhaps both our investments, and our future, come down to something quite simple --  Don't fight Mother Nature.
Climate Action, Highlighted, Galina Besedina, Outlook 2022, Paulo Salazar

Emerging Markets: climate opportunities?

Emerging nations face a dilemma. On the one hand, they have a strong understanding of the need to protect the climate for future generations. Yet the imperatives of today are to improve their societies and living standards, which requires increased energy and electricity at affordable cost.
Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Private Real Estate – Desperately seeking Diversification?

It’s clear that private real estate has been in focus with allocators for some time.  For much of the last five years, institutional investors have been keen to build private markets allocations to augment performance.  Real estate has been a major part of that shift.
Renta variable, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Equity market neutral strategies: supporting passive investing growth?

Index investing continues its “unstoppable” rise and is expected to overtake active investing by 2026 at the latest, according to Bloomberg. This trend can be utilised by some equity market neutral strategies to generate returns uncorrelated either to bonds or equities.
Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Risk Arbitrage – What are the Return Drivers in 2022?

By all means, forecast the number of M&A deals if you want to forecast bankers' bonuses, Wall Street profits, or new debt issuance. As for Risk Arbitrage, we have more interesting things to think about for 2022.

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