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Johan Van Der Biest

Deputy Head of Thematic Global Equity

Johan Van der Biest, Lead Manager for the Candriam Robotics and Innovative Technologies Fund has been managing technology portfolios since 1992.

In addition to his long expertise in technology investing, he brings a breadth of financial markets understanding to his portfolios, as he has also comanaged the Global Demography Fund since 2012. Over the years, Johan has managed or co-managed numerous processes, including equity, bond, and global balanced portfolios. Johan has been part of the Candriam family and predecessors since 1992.

He holds a degree in Commercial Engineering and a specialisation in Finance from the Catholic University of Louvain (KUL).

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Planeta Metaverso: ¿En busca de un lugar donde aterrizar?

El Metaverso. La sustitución de la realidad con la ficción —transportando al participante literalmente a otro nuevo mundo— será posible para todo tipo de productos y servicios.
Highlighted, Johan Van Der Biest, Outlook 2020

Should we clip the wings of the FANGs?

No need to introduce the FANGs to anyone. You are probably one of the billions of people that use Google Maps©, Instagram©, Netflix© or Amazon© on a daily – or minutely? – basis.
Renta variable, Johan Van Der Biest

Amazing technologies: the impact of 5G

In the not too distant future, remote surgery will enable patients from all over the world to have access to the best healthcare and doctors without having to travel thousands of kilometers.
Renta variable, Johan Van Der Biest, Video

Robotics : no longer sci-fi

Innovation has always been a major growth driver for the economy, which is the reason we’re focusing on this topic. It is now a certitude that before too long, robots will form an integral part of our lives. Investors mustn’t miss-out on this trend.

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