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David Czupryna

Senior Portfolio Manager

David has managed the Candriam Sustainable Equity Circular Economy strategy since December 2021, bringing his broad ESG experience to investors. Previously, he was Head of ESG Development at Candriam, where his role was to deliver Candriam’s unique blend of sustainability credentials and market wisdom to investors and market participants.  

Before joining Candriam, David led the growth of sustainable investment strategies in several European countries at Sycomore Asset Management and in Northern Europe at Erste Asset Management. David started his career in finance with BNP Paribas in London on the equity derivative structuring desk in 2007. 

David holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge specializing in finance and strategy as well as Masters degrees in political science from the Free University of Brussels and the Catholic University of Louvain. 


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Outlook 2023, David Czupryna, Bastien Dublanc

Accelerando: the tempo accelerates towards a Circular Economy

More and stronger forces are accelerating the move to a Circular Economy. For example, geopolitical tensions remind us that raw material security is at stake. Most importantly, Circularity is nothing short of a requirement to meet, or even approach, carbon emission goals. Accelerando!
Circular Economy, David Czupryna, ESG, ISR, Research Paper

Investing in the Circular Economy. We are all plastic now.

Perhaps like us, you are a bit frightened about all the news stories and the statistics – the plastic ‘eighth continent’ in the Pacific Ocean, using our natural resources more rapidly than they can be replaced.
Climate Action, Renta variable, ESG, ISR, Paulo Salazar, Galina Besedina, David Czupryna, Emerging Markets

ESG en la renta variable de países emergentes: la unión de todas las piezas

25 años de experiencia en ESG, 25 años de experiencia en renta variable de mercados emergentes, más de 15 años de unión de ambos aspectos. Duplicar los catalizadores de la rentabilidad: Históricamente, los mercados emergentes han sido los catalizadores del crecimiento mundial. Los tiempos están cambiando —la desglobalización es la nueva tendencia—, pero los mercados emergentes siguen representando más de la mitad del crecimiento económico mundial.
David Czupryna, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

2022, year of Circularity?

Each year, we use 1.6 times the resources our planet is able to regenerate. This means that the circular economy is becoming ever more important every day, for companies, supervisors, investors and consumers.

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