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Paulo Salazar

Head of Emerging Markets Equity

Head of Emerging Markets Equities since 2022 and Co-Head since 2021, Paulo Salazar has been with Candriam's EM Equities Team since 2015, as both a Portfolio Manager and a Senior Equity Research Analyst.

Prior to joining Candriam, Paulo worked as a private equity associate at The Riverside Company and as an equity research analyst at firms including Equitas and Banco Itaú.

He has been involved in the financial markets since 2006, covering several industries in Latin America, the US, and elsewhere. Paulo earned his BBA in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets from FGV-EAESP in Sao Paulo and holds an International Diploma in Finance from University of California, Berkeley Extension. Brazilian by birth, he is a Portuguese citizen, and a resident of Belgium.

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Climate Action, Aktien, ESG, SRI, Paulo Salazar, Galina Besedina, David Czupryna, Emerging Markets

ESG in EM-Aktien: Alles zusammenfügen

25 Jahre Erfahrung mit ESG, 25 Jahre Erfahrung mit Aktien der Emerging Markets, mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung damit, all dies zusammenzufügen. Verdoppelung der Performance-Treiber In der Vergangenheit waren die Schwellenländer der Motor des globalen Wachstums. Die Zeiten ändern sich - Deglobalisierung ist der neue Trend - aber die Schwellenländer tragen immer noch mehr als die Hälfte zum weltweiten Wirtschaftswachstum bei.
Climate Action, Highlighted, Galina Besedina, Outlook 2022, Paulo Salazar, Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets: climate opportunities?

Emerging nations face a dilemma. On the one hand, they have a strong understanding of the need to protect the climate for future generations. Yet the imperatives of today are to improve their societies and living standards, which requires increased energy and electricity at affordable cost.
Aktien, Highlighted, Jan Boudewijns, Outlook 2022, Paulo Salazar, Emerging Markets

New China is here. Truth or a joke?

JPMorgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, had to issue a long public apology for his "joke" during a recent trip to Hong Kong.
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