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    Overloaded by the sheer number of forecasts at the moment?

    Despite this wealth of information – or perhaps because of too much information? – maybe you are still uncertain.  We can help you organize and develop your views, in a 20-minute video. Our economists and strategists will try to clarify the economic and financial risks.
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    Próxima parada: la biodiversidad

    La biodiversidad del planeta —la variedad de especies de animales y plantas que lo habitan— se está reduciendo drásticamente. Dado que alrededor de la mitad del PIB mundial es muy dependiente de la naturaleza, las consecuencias pueden ser graves.
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    Mixed picture

    October offered a mixed picture following a bruising first three quarters. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index was down 0.55%, driven primarily by losses in US Treasuries. However, investors in some segments of the credit markets, especially EUR HY, USD HY and to a lesser extent EUR IG did see positive performance. Most Inflation-Linked Bonds markets with the exception of the US also rallied on persistently high inflation.
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    Relief rally heading into year-end

    Although the economy continues to decelerate, equities staged a strong rebound during the month of October.
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    Fundamental support for our constructive view

    In October, we turned more constructive based on our analysis of the market configuration. This month, fundamental support provides further reasons to maintain this stance.
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    Recession on the horizon

    European equities have rebounded over the past four weeks. The rebound was mainly driven by value stocks that have outperformed growth stocks since the last Equity Committee.

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