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Wim Van Hyfte

Global Head of ESG Investments and Research

Wim Van Hyfte, PhD, has been Global Head of ESG Investments and Research at Candriam since 2016. He is responsible for research on environmental, social and governance issues, the implications for and the integration into portfolio and risk management across assets.

Before, he was senior fund manager-quantitative analyst at Candriam conducting empirical research on asset pricing, the quantitative modeling of alpha/risk factors and portfolio optimization. He co-managed over $3 billion in global ESG quant equity funds and segregated accounts for nearly 10 years. He joined Candriam in 2006 after having worked in the academic world for over 8 years.

Since 2012, he is also Visiting Professor at ULB Solvay School of Economics and Management teaching on Asset Pricing in Practice in an advance master in quantitative finance. From 2006 until 2012, he was Visiting Professor at Vlerick Business School teaching on portfolio management in an MBA program. From 2000 until 2001, he was strategic consultant for a Belgian pension fund and a venture capital fund.

He holds a PhD in Financial Economics, an MBA in Finance and a Master’s degree in Applied Economics. His academic research covers both empirical and corporate finance with a focus on asset pricing, risk modeling and portfolio management. His work has been presented at international academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed international academic journals.

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ESG, Kroum Sourov, Sovereign Sustainability, Research Paper, Wim Van Hyfte

La sostenibilidad en la era del cisne gris

Un «cisne gris» es un acontecimiento posible y conocido, potencialmente significativo, pero considerado improbable.
ESG, ISR, Wim Van Hyfte

La fabricación de armas no es sostenible. No existen excepciones.

Durante muchos años, y con el aumento gradual de la inversión ESG, los inversores han excluido el sector de la defensa de sus inversiones, debido a la naturaleza perjudicial del armamento, que a menudo ha servido para infringir los derechos humanos y ha tenido efectos devastadores en las vidas humanas y el bienestar general de la sociedad.
Wim Van Hyfte, Climate Action, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Greenflation: a fair cost or an obstacle?

The rise of inflation has brought up once again the question of costs and benefits relating to addressing climate change

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