Using your investments to fashion the future

Your investments will change the world. The very first euro you invest will be the first step in outlining your vision of the future. This makes investment a pro-active activity that you can shape to suit your personality, aspirations and values.

Here at Candriam, we believe that investment involves not just a search for immediate maximum profit for the investor, but rather is an action beneficial to all stakeholders.

For 25 years now, we have been innovating to identify – based on constantly upgraded proprietary analysis – those companies, in our eyes, most aware of their role in society.

Our clients, who share this vision, and who are concerned with human progress on a planet with finite resources, believe in our ability to join with them in shaping the economy of tomorrow.
Nicolas Forest - Chief Investment Officer

A vision of the world

As we want our clients to be fully aligned with the objectives we set when investing on their behalf, we have gone on record with our vision of responsible investment. See our investment manifesto on responsible finance.

Our philosophy

Candriam, practising what it preaches, is as demanding of itself as it is of the companies in which it invests.

Since its foundation, Candriam has aimed to behave as responsibly as possible behaviour towards all stakeholders – clients, collaborators, suppliers, civil society and the environment.

Candriam, a responsible investor, consequently implements numerous initiatives on behalf of its stakeholders in an effort to constantly push back its corporate responsibility boundaries.

A short history lesson

Candriam and “responsible investment” go back a long way. To 1996, in fact. When only a few pioneers took an interest in that topic. That was the year in which Candriam launched its first two sustainable funds. 

Candriam, in a nutshell …


  • 1996
    First sustainable funds
  • 2000
    Launch of "Sustainable" range
  • 2003
    Systematic and structured voting
  • 2005
    Proprietary ESG analysis
  • 2005
    Research-integrated engagement
  • 2008
    ESG-related Emerging Market Equities
  • 2009
    Analysis of ESG-related sovereign debt
  • 2010
    Start of ESG integration
  • 2015
    Luxembourg SRI SICAV
  • 2017
    Emerging Market ESG / High Yield ESG debt
  • Launch of Candriam Academy
  • 2018
    Implementation of fossil-free expertise
  • Thermal coal and tobacco exclusion policy
  • 2019
    Implementation of our Anti-Cancer expertise
  • Implementation of our Climate expertise
  • 2020
    Implementation of our Circular Economy expertise
  • 2021
    Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

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