Fixed-income management covers investments on global debt and credit markets.

Companies and governments, just like you, borrow money to finance their projects. In purchasing a corporate or sovereign bond, you are lending companies and governments money, which has to be paid back to you back upon the expiry of an agreed period. In exchange for your making your money available to them, you are paid interest, i.e., a “rent” of sorts for your money.

A collective approach to Fixed Income investment

Fixed income management at Candriam is, above all, a team effort. Our teams of experts, although specialised in numerous segments of this vast asset class, are in constant communication, both formally and informally. A pro-active exchange approach that promotes synergy and mutual enrichment.

Comprehensive bond market coverage

Our research process, which covers the whole of the bond market, brings into play a widespread range of proprietary tools to (a) analyse company fundamentals and (b) select all the portfolio’s assets.

Experienced team, 4 centres of expertise

Our teams, who have an average 15 years of experience, are organised in accordance with individual members’ core expertise: credit, global bond, emerging debt, convertible bonds.

Methodical process

Our investment process is based on fundamental analysis and internal quantitative models created to spot any opportunities that come up.

Anticipating your needs

We regularly augment our range of management solutions to give you new ways of benefiting from opportunities on the bond markets.


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managers and analysts


years’ expertise in fixed income management

Figures as at 30 June 2023. Source: Candriam

Broad range of Fixed Income funds

Candriam’s fixed income management teams leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing and designing our strategies, in order for these to best meet the underlying objectives.

Candriam’s fixed income range can be split into three major fund families:

  • Traditional strategies, designed to outperform a benchmark index through active management of the portfolio’s assets..
  • Absolute Return strategies, targeting positive returns, irrespective of market movements.
  • Sustainable strategies, whose investment universe excludes issuers on the basis of internal ESG criteria.
Our portfolios benefit from the proprietary analysis models that we have been developing for almost 25 years now, and which were designed to support our investment philosophy, which is based as much on risk management as it is on the search for returns.
Nicolas Forest Global Head of Fixed Income

A three-pillar approach

  • Research-based active management
    We focus  on making a detailed analysis of issues and of companies and their balance sheets. This way, we can react promptly to market events to grasp any opportunities to hand.
  • ESG at the heart of our investment philosophy
    All our bond portfolios exclude companies involved in controversial activities. We use our proprietary tools to make a detailed analysis of assets, selecting the sector leaders on environmental, social & governance criteria.
  • Risk management at each stage
    Our investment universe is filtered in accordance with liquidity risk using tools dedicated to this asset class and developed by our own analysts. We always start with a legal and highly detailed structural analysis of the conditions governing the issuance of bonds, of agreements, the technical/legal aspects and the company’s cashflow and debt issue situation.

Three reasons for choosing CANDRIAM’s Fixed Income Management Process

  • Multi-disciplinary team. Candriam’s teams include brokers specialised in the bond markets, research managers, financial engineers, ESG analysts and dedicated risk managers.
  • The search for optimised returns. One of our main objectives: guaranteeing you a portfolio-risk-adjusted return.
  • A la carte strategies. Traditional, absolute return or sustainable.

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