Asset Allocation

"You have to diversify your investments." This oft-given piece of advice is wisdom personified … but how best to allocate capital among equity, fixed income, cash and other asset classes? Not easy, especially as different markets move in different ways, and in a different linear fashion over time …

Asset allocation is a skill that consists in allocating these different asset classes to the portfolio in accordance with the investor’s risk appetite. It’s a skill that will enable the construction of investment solutions adapted to all profiles.

How to effectively pool knowledge

The diversified portfolios that Candriam has been managing since the early 1990s bear witness to the collective know-how of our management teams, covering not just equities, corporate and, of course, sovereign bonds, but emerging-market assets, high yield, foreign exchange and even absolute performance strategies. Thanks to this 100%-integrated approach, we can offer you several well-diversified groups of strategies designed to meet your needs as regards investment horizon, return expectations and risk appetite.

  • Multi-asset strategies
    Our multi-asset strategies aim to beat their benchmark, irrespective of the market environment, thanks to a dynamic management of the allocation of the different asset classes. There are four associated risk profiles: defensive, cautious, balanced and dynamic.
  • Sustainable multi-asset strategies
    Our renowned expertise in responsible investment allows us to offer you dedicated solutions that apply our ESG know-how to the main asset classes on a global scale.
  • Downward risk control strategies
    Our strategy aims at getting the best of both worlds: benefiting from bull markets while seeking to control risk in bear markets. To this end, we apply strict risk control measures and can allocate up to 100% of liquid assets when market conditions deteriorate.
  • Strategies designed to secure regular income
    These strategies seek to provide regular income, under all economic conditions. To this end, the management team compiles highly flexible portfolios whose asset allocation can be quickly modified to cope with market fluctuations. Its objective: grasp opportunities when they arise and protect your portfolio in times of difficult market conditions.


Behind every experienced team ... there's another

Just like the funds they manage, Candriam’s 10 asset allocation experts have different profiles but complementary skills in strategic asset allocation, technical analysis, quantitative strategies, derivatives and operational expertise.

Highly experienced, they benefit from the skills of our company’s 200 investment specialists to give you a 360 view of the market. Together, they create diversified investment solutions that reflect their convictions on the evolution both of economies and of the different asset classes.


Making Candriam your asset allocation manager gets you...

  • … unrivalled asset allocation know-how. We’ve been successful multi-asset portfolio managers since 1992.
  • … countless investment options. We’ve built our range of strategies on your different needs, investment aims and specific risk profiles.
  • … a stable and experienced investment team. Our specialists have been team-mates for almost 10 years now.

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