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Two of the words in our brand name, placing responsible investment right at the heart of our investment philosophy.
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Candriam is an affiliate of New York Life Group, a Fortune 100© company founded 175 years ago on three basic principles: the client’s best interests, a long-term vision, independence.

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25 Years of ESG

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At Candriam, we were busy launching our first responsible fund.


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We share the values that guide our teams on a daily basis with leading hockey and football clubs and federations.

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Today, each person appreciates the need to help sustain human development. We aim to use our investor skills to fulfil this ambition.
Naïm Abou-Jaoudé CEO, CANDRIAM Chairman, New York Life Investment Management International

Candriam for Belfius Private Banking

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Close partners in Belgium for over 25 years now, Candriam and Belfius offer an unrivalled value proposition on the Belgian market. Candriam and Belfius is the pooling of two recognised top-of-the-range sources of know-how: responsible management of international scope and a unique experience of Private Banking and Wealth Management.

Within this framework, Candriam and Belfius share common values: constant attention to risk control, a desire for permanent innovation, transparent communication and compliance with the strictest ethical standards.

Belfius and Candriam also share the same vision and ambition, both firmly believing in a sustainable investment strategy that generates profit not only for their clients but for Belgian society as a whole.


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  • Corporate, Article

    New York Life Names Naïm Abou-Jaoudé as CEO of New York Life Investment Management

    We are excited to share that our CEO, Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, has been named CEO of New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM). Vincent Hamelink, CIO, will succeed him as CEO of Candriam. Renato Guerriero, current Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, has also been appointed as Deputy CEO in charge of Global Development and Distribution. All effective May 1, 2023.
  • Article

    Real estate is like opera

    The late, great Stephen Sondheim was, perhaps, the greatest figure in 20th century musical theatre. He once said the ‘art is, in itself, an attempt to make order out of chaos’. The greatest operatic composers lived in dramatic times. Puccini composed during the Italian wars of reunification.
  • Article

    Engagement: The "Unfinished Symphony" as beautiful as Schubert’s

    Schubert began his Eighth symphony in 1822. His Unfinished Symphony is also known as the first Romantic symphony, heralding a new musical type. Used in present-day movies, it is still fresh 200 years later. Engagement is the ongoing manifestation of sustainable investing. May it continue as long.
  • Article

    The next measure? Allegro moderato!

    The impacts of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have interrupted the positive performance trajectory of a diversified allocation, penalising both equity and bond markets. While markets are likely to remain highly dependent, in the short term, on changes in economic data (inflation and growth), we believe that investors can once again rely on attractive yields for a longer investment horizon with greater peace of mind.
  • Article

    A better starting point for investors

    When investors thought at the end of 2021 that the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic could be left behind, few expected the outbreak of war in Europe just weeks later.
  • Article

    Weapons manufacturing is not sustainable. No excuses.

    With the advent of ESG investment, investors have been excluding the defence sector from their strategies for many years now. The war in Ukraine has reignited the debate about sustainability and investments in the defence sector. Do we need to challenge the practice of exclusion? Here is the frank and very clear opinion of our partner, Candriam.
  • Article

    Next Stop: Biodiversity

    Biodiversity loss has become a top concern. Facts are alarming: the variety of species of animals and plants is collapsing, ultimately endangering the survival of human beings.