A unique blending of skills

Tailor-Made Choices

For over 30 years now, Candriam and Belfius have developed a special relationship to meet the needs of private clients in Belgium. A partnership of trust whose ongoing strength has resulted in a unique offer, dedicated to the specific needs of private and wealth clients.

Candriam and Belfius is the pooling of two recognised sources of know-how: responsible management of international scope and a unique experience of private banking and wealth management.


Excellence at the service of your ambitions

Belfius, the only 100%-Belgian integrated bank and insurance company present throughout Belgium, puts excellence at the heart of its wealth / private approach.

Innovative, productive and successful solutions; quality-based, customised services; a close, transparent relationship: Belfius’ value proposition is based firmly on the ongoing enhancement of the client experience . Belfius also focuses all of its talents – including wealth managers and private bankers, administrative staff and wealth advisers – and those of its partners, such as Candriam, for asset management, on guaranteeing you optimised assistance at all times.

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Institutional Management adapted to a private customer base

A longstanding player on the Belgian institutional market, Candriam has, for almost 25 years now, been meeting the long-term needs of pension funds, insurers and banking groups. Thanks to the trust and closeness that we have developed with these sophisticated clients and the technical know-how and 360 vision of services we offer to them, we’ve been able to adapt them to the specific needs of Belfius and their private clients or companies.