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Sophie Deleuze

Lead ESG Analyst, Engagement and Voting

Sophie Deleuze has been Candriam's Lead Analyst in Engagement and Voting since 2019. Since 2016 she has specialized in Candriam's Engagement, Proxy voting, and stewardship efforts, coordinating our engagement in concert with our ESG analysis and with all our investment management teams. Mme Deleuze joined Candriam's ESG Research Department at its inception in 2005, and spent more than a decade with Candriam as an ESG analyst.

With a background in industry as a water engineer, she entered the SRI world at Arese in 2001. Sophie has been a participant in the Candriam charity Helping Those Who Help since 2014, and is active in local aid for seniors.

Ms Deleuze holds an Engineering Degree in Water Treatment, a Masters in Public Environmental Affairs, and is a recent Graduate of EFB Belgium in Nursing and Retirement Home Management.

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Sophie Deleuze, Corporate, ESG, SRI

Engagement verslag 2022: En nu?

Bij Candriam zijn we zowel actiever als veeleisender in onze engagementactiviteiten, een houding die gedeeld wordt door verschillende andere investeerders, meestal Europese.
ESG, SRI, Sophie Deleuze

Candriam Stewardship - Long-Term Active Ownership

ENGAGEMENT and VOTING play an important role in communicating our core values to the company in which we invest on behalf of our clients – promoting three conviction topics as priorities, namely : Energy transition, Fair working conditions, and Business ethics.
Benjamin Chekroun, ESG, SRI, Facial Recognition, Sophie Deleuze, Research Paper

Gezichtsherkenning en mensenrechten: Research Paper

Er zijn naar schatting één miljard bewakingscamera's in gebruik[i]. De Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP's) van de Verenigde Naties sporen bedrijven aan om de mensenrechten te respecteren en misbruik te corrigeren. Ze roepen bedrijven op om grondig onderzoek te doen naar mensenrechten om 'te weten en te laten zien' dat ze de mensenrechten naleven aan de hand van hun eigen activiteiten en de activiteiten direct gerelateerd aan hun producten, diensten, activiteiten en zakenrelaties.

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