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Nadège Dufossé, Florence Pisani, Asset Allocation, Macro, Aktien, Anleihen, Outlook 2023

Candriam's Ausblick 2023

Das neue Schuljahr beginnt und es ist Zeit für Investitionsentscheidungen... Werden die USA in eine Rezession fallen?
Nadège Dufossé, Thibaut Dorlet, Thibaud Marie-Regnault, Asset Allocation, Macro, Aktien, Anleihen, Outlook 2023

Candriam's Halbjahresausblick

Da wir uns der Jahresmitte nähern, scheint es, dass die Rezession auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks abgewendet werden kann, doch die Wachstumsprognosen bleiben schwach...
Nadège Dufossé, Outlook 2023

The next measure? Allegro moderato!

The impacts of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have interrupted the positive performance trajectory of a diversified allocation, penalising both equity and bond markets. While markets are likely to remain highly dependent, in the short term, on changes in economic data (inflation and growth), we believe that investors can once again rely on attractive yields for a longer investment horizon with greater peace of mind.
Outlook 2023, David Czupryna, Bastien Dublanc

Accelerando: the tempo accelerates towards a Circular Economy

More and stronger forces are accelerating the move to a Circular Economy. For example, geopolitical tensions remind us that raw material security is at stake. Most importantly, Circularity is nothing short of a requirement to meet, or even approach, carbon emission goals. Accelerando!
Outlook 2023, Céline Deroux, Lucia Meloni

Sustainable Bonds: one step back, two steps forward

Allegro… ma non troppo. Geopolitical tensions and the potential energy supply shock raised questions about the energy transition path. Company investment in clean technologies could be delayed by higher costs and interest rates, but energy transition is still on the agenda. The current environment can be an opportunity to accelerate toward Net Zero, through investing in sustainable bonds – but selectivity is key!
Outlook 2023, Philippe Noyard

Die Zinsfuge: Die Anleiherenditen sind wieder da, aber ist noch alles beim Alten?

Die Anleiherenditen sind zurück, aber mit einem Unterschied. In einer Fuge wiederholt sich das Thema. Wenn steigende Zinssätze ein Thema sind, das die Märkte schon einmal gesehen haben, so könnte das steigende Tempo dieses Themas diesmal den Klang völlig verändern. Hören Sie genau hin, die Selektivität ist das A und O.
Outlook 2023, Vivek Dhawan

Are India’s stars finally aligning?

Last year India became the fifth largest economy in the world and the country’s GDP exceeded USD 3 trillion. In 2022 and 2023, India is the only major economy expected to deliver a robust real GDP growth of about 7%, accounting for about 22% of global growth. Is India at the cusp of delivering long term sustainable growth and how can investors participate?


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