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Florence Pisani, PhD

Global Head of Economic Research

Florence. Pisani has been Global Head of Economic Research at Candriam since 2016, joining the firm in 2002 as a Macro-Economist from the French investment bank, CPR Gestion.

Florence is the co-author several books with colleagues Anton Brender and Emile Gagna. The most recent, “The macroeconomics of debt, Europe’s blind spot”, published in 2021, examined public borrowing and growth in a low-interest-rate world. Others include “The American economy : A European view” in 2018; “Money, finance and the real economy: What went wrong?” in 2015, and “The sovereign debt crisis: Placing a curb on growth” in 2012. 

Florence. Pisani holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Paris Dauphine, where she also teaches.

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USA: Was können wir im Wahljahr erwarten?

Am 5. November 2024 findet die amerikanische Präsidentschaftswahl statt. Sie wird im nächsten Jahr zweifelsohne im Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit der Märkte stehen.
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Candriam's Ausblick 2023

Das neue Schuljahr beginnt und es ist Zeit für Investitionsentscheidungen... Werden die USA in eine Rezession fallen?
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Economic and financial outlook

As recently as the beginning of February, a total invasion still seemed unlikely. Since then, we have chosen to position for a potentially binary outcome, and have increased exposure to gold, the USD, the YEN, and the CHF, as well as to some commodities such as oil, while cutting our exposure to financials, reducing our equity exposure, and adding protection.
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