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Another upward move in US Treasury yields

Global equities fell for a third consecutive month in October and gold rallied against a backdrop of geopolitical risks, an under-pressure earnings season and a rising rates environment.
Patrick Zeenni, Anleihen, ESG, Credit

Ein gutes Pflaster für Euro-Investment-Grade-Anleger

After 2022, which covered the end of a decade of monetary policy loosening, 2023 has been the year of the repricing of the whole interest rate curve. The end of Central Banks’ "higher for longer" mantra supported a steepening of the yield curves and repriced real interest rates which are back now in positive territory, for the first time in close to ten years.
Money Market, Anleihen, Pierre Boyer

Geld spielt wieder eine Rolle

Erinnern Sie sich an Geldmarktstrategien? Sie sind wieder da!  Sobald die letzte Zinserhöhung berücksichtigt ist, können Geldmarktstrategien Renditen von über 4% bieten! 
Nadège Dufossé, Florence Pisani, Asset Allocation, Macro, Aktien, Anleihen, Outlook 2023

Candriam's Ausblick 2023

Das neue Schuljahr beginnt und es ist Zeit für Investitionsentscheidungen... Werden die USA in eine Rezession fallen?
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

Softening leading indicators

Against a backdrop of volatile trading, August saw the return of a correlation between risk assets and rates...
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

Weak performances in European risky assets

June saw some weak performances in European risky assets and spread products, with European equities, high yield and IG corporates posting negative returns.
Nadège Dufossé, Thibaut Dorlet, Thibaud Marie-Regnault, Asset Allocation, Macro, Aktien, Anleihen, Outlook 2023

Candriam's Halbjahresausblick

Da wir uns der Jahresmitte nähern, scheint es, dass die Rezession auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks abgewendet werden kann, doch die Wachstumsprognosen bleiben schwach...
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

A mixed picture

With equities performing the strongest over the month, the picture was rather mixed for fixed income asset classes, with no clear outperformance from any risky asset classes.
Nicolas Forest, Aktien, Anleihen, Macro, Asset Allocation

Which way will Turkey turn?

With the upcoming 2023 Turkish presidential election, scheduled to take place on 14 May, we are sharing our views and sentiments on the possible outcomes and their consequences.
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

High Yield and Convertibles led Fixed Income Markets

In March, markets were driven by the strong performance of most asset classes, confirming a general trend year-to-date in which investors in most major asset classes have been rewarded with positive returns.
Asset Allocation, Anleihen, Aktien

Auswirkungen der Übernahme von Credit Suisse

Die von Candriam verwalteten Portfolios haben kein Exposure in Credit Suisse-Wertpapieren, Exposure in außerbörslichen Geschäften oder Aktienleihgeschäften.
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

A sense of relief

The beginning of the year provided some relief to global investors and allowed them to claw back some of the losses they suffered in the previous year.
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

Signs of weakening inflation

Market exuberance continued in December and through the first days of January, as risky assets posted a strong performance, once again on the back of signs of weakening inflation and the hope that central banks would strike a less hawkish tone.
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

First true relief of the year

After a bruising first 10 months in 2022 that saw fixed income investors suffering near-record losses in most asset classes, November offered the first true relief of the year.
Diliana Deltcheva, Anleihen, Emerging Markets

Unser Emerging Markets Debt Ausblick für 2023

Das makroökonomische Umfeld dürfte 2023 für Emerging-Markets-Anleihen schwierig bleiben, insbesondere in der ersten Jahreshälfte.
Anleihen, Monthly Coffee Break

Mixed picture

October offered a mixed picture following a bruising first three quarters. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index was down 0.55%, driven primarily by losses in US Treasuries. However, investors in some segments of the credit markets, especially EUR HY, USD HY and to a lesser extent EUR IG did see positive performance. Most Inflation-Linked Bonds markets with the exception of the US also rallied on persistently high inflation.


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